For values that remain.

Our story

The creation of the world follows the order of things. It requires not only knowledge but also the skill to turn ideas into real ones in jobs and achievements. Buildings, towns and parks – the environment we’re in living, wouldn’t be possible without professionals from different industries who do a huge but invisible job.

LIVLAND team realize our client’s vision in partnership with the best for professionals. Process from client vision to master stone for putting in, from a beautiful dream to a thriving garden, there’s LIVLAND everyday for professionals. We are familiar with the implementation of projects A to Z, we’re not stopping at what we’ve achieved, and we’ve been delivering for decades for our customers, knowledge in creating lasting values. We like it create and build a sustainable, lasting and beautiful environment.

The process from the architect's vision to the laying of the foundation stone.

Livland is a reliable and responsible partner in the realization of ideas. Our team ensures the involvement of the most appropriate specialists and a professionally managed process. Over the years, we have successfully implemented countless complex projects, strengthening our knowledge and cooperation with industry professionals. We value our customers’ time, so we provide a personal approach and meet deadlines. We are characterized by the received annual construction awards, the implemented quality management system, the desire to improve and achieve success. Entrust project management to us and gain peace of mind, confidence in the creation of an idea.