“Pilsētsuņu laukums”, Riga

The “Pilsētsuņu Laukums” project designed by SIA “Livland Group” in 2021 has been successfully implemented. It is located in Lucavsala near Biķergrāvis. The goal of the city dog ​​area project was to realize the first well-equipped dog training area in Pārdaugava for different ages of dogs, from puppies to senior walking dogs. The construction of the square was realized in Lucavsala, in the place where there was a dog swimming area and an unlimited walking area on the grass. The “Pilsētsuņu laukums” is publicly accessible to everyone and is designed for the following activities:

For any dog ​​owner for daily training with their dog;
For cynologists to conduct training individually or in groups (free of charge);
For sports, competition and entertainment events;
For socialization activities of animals and their owners.

Additional information about the project is available at: https://balso.riga.lv/projekti/pilsetsunu-laukums

The author of the project idea: “Dog with a mission”.