Latvian Puppet Theater, 16/18 Krišjāņa Barona Street, Riga

“I believe that values ​​are buildings, their stories, but the most important thing is the purpose and meaning of buildings, why we build them. The purpose and meaning of this building is to create values ​​for future generations. It is not only an element that forms the urban environment, but also a creator of generational consciousness, which provides a basis for such values ​​as faith, justice, compassion, sincerity, diversity, sustainability. We take lessons and experience from the story of the creation of this building as a value. The knowledge gained on this difficult path will serve to create better solutions and improve,” says Veldze Liepa, executive director of SIA “Livland Group”.
After 3 years of work, the Latvian Puppet Theater designed by Livland Group has been realized, Krišjāņa Barona Street 16/18, Riga. And today, on December 15, the doors of the renovated building are opened. In the evening, the Puppet Theater will be pleased to welcome its audience to its historic home, where the newly staged play “The Nutcracker and the Rat King” will be staged in modern, energy-efficient and functional rooms under the direction of director Rudolf Gediņš.