“Vecāķu Pastaigu Laipa”, Riga

The “Vecāķu pastaigu lapa” project designed by SIA “Livland Group” has been successfully implemented. The aim of the project was to create a footbridge in the Vecāķi swimming area in the section from the approach of the Vecāķi lifeguard station on Selgas Street to the approach on Pludmales Street, parallel to the water’s edge. Two rest terraces, equipped with benches, should be installed near the footbridge. The project will improve the accessibility of the environment by organizing the intensive movement of people in the swimming area, will ensure convenient movement in the sandy part of the swimming area for people with mobility impairments, families with prams.

Currently, every resident can use the boardwalk to access the sea and enjoy the view while sitting on the benches.

Additional information about the project is available at: https://balso.riga.lv/projekti/vekaku-pastaigu-laipa

The author of the project idea: “Vecāķu biedrība”