The Ķemeri primary schools buildings reconstruction




Jurmala City Council



In the historical part of the building, the facade was renovated and its historical coloring restored, i.e. in light colors. In the historic part of the building, the roofs were insulated, the windows and doors were replaced with wooden windows throughout the building, preserving their historical division, the complex heating system was rebuilt, including the construction of a heating unit in the basement of the building, energy-efficient LED lighting was installed and the electrical installation and school interiors were rebuilt, external engineering networks and internal low current networks were installed, and a constructed drainage system, a ventilation system along the entire perimeter of the building, as well as measures taken to ensure that the building meets the requirements of fire safety regulations. The reconstruction of the building was carried out, preserving the historical details of the building.

Along with the completed construction works to increase the building's energy efficiency, it has also acquired a new look - the facade of the building built in the classical style and the white columns at the entrance have been restored, respecting the historical heritage and preserving the original details.