Ķemeri Resort Park




Jurmala City Council



Continuing the vision of the development of Ķemeri, the construction project for the reconstruction and restoration of Ķemeru Park has been completed.

In April 2017, SIA “Livland Group” started the development of the construction project for the reconstruction and renovation of Ķemeri resort Park. The total area of the planned park is around 30 ha, including the streets adjacent to the park area.

Rēzija Kalniņa about the Ķemeri resort park:

Walking there made me feel proud. I am very pedantic by nature, order is important to me, but I felt at home there. Imants Ziedonis once said that happiness is the order of all things. In my opinion, Ķemeri, their restored part, shows that we have a sense of beauty, order, proportion and harmony. I felt proud that we have such a place.