Reconstruction and restoration of the building on Vecpilsēta street 2




Jelgava City Council



The building on Vecpilsēta street 2 is a wooden two-story house, which was first commissioned in the year of 1800. As part of the project, measures are planned to ensure the object’s authenticity and longevity. The building at Vecpilsēta street 2 is an architectural monument of national importance and houses the only known restored mantel chimney in Jelgava.

In the course of the construction works, an investigation of the interior decoration layers was carried out, during which an artistically valuable polychrome decoration was found – patterns placed on the upper part of the wall, painted in different construction periods in the 18th and 19th centuries, both freehand and stencil technique.

The restoration of pot stoves was carried out, as well as the restoration of the historical ornamental patterns on the walls. A new tourist attraction has been created in the building – the Farm of Life and Crafts, where ceramics and weaving workshops and the family room are located.

Dace Kaņepone, head of the Jelgava Regional Tourism Center, stated:

The houses built in the 1800s, which survived the burning of Jelgava, experience a second life and can preserve and tell about the ancient testimonies. In fact, these are not just tourist attractions, this place is made to come and experience.