Post “Sakta”




State real estate



The “Saktas” building was built in the 60s-70s of the 19th century. years, after the demolition of the protective walls of the city of Riga, when the construction of the boulevards of the center of Riga began. The facade of the building is relatively richly decorated with eclectic and neo-renaissance style details. The building is not an architectural monument, but it is located in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site “Historical Center of Riga”.


The facade of the building was renovated, as well as the elements of the roof tin, facade lighting and the earthing circuit were created, thereby restoring the building's lightning protection. The architectural language of the building is relatively rich and with a noble content, making the building stand out especially among the Riga boulevards and preserving more than a hundred years old traditions of construction art to this day.