Territorial planning

Territorial development planning is a prerequisite for the successful development of real estate. Territorial planning includes the study of the existing situation, assessing the quality of the landscape-forming elements, the buildings dominant in the architecture, the characteristic values of the urban environment or the natural environment, and the development of a future vision.
Effective real estate development planning is a prerequisite for the rational use of land units. Thoughtful solutions strike a balance between economic considerations and a sustainable environment.

Territorial planning includes planning the use of land units, construction planning, transport infrastructure planning, landscape planning, engineering communication provision planning, etc. The planning process includes informing the public, coordinating solutions with institutions, and developing implementation procedures.

We provide:

  • Local planning development;
  • Development of a detailed plan;
  • Development of thematic plans;
  • Land development projects;
  • Research of natural values and biological diversity;
  • Consultations for territory development planning, real estate creation, construction.

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