Technical survey and research of buildings, expertise of construction projects

Technical survey is a set of works for assessing the existing technical condition of the building or its part. The procedure and content of the technical survey work is regulated by the Building Standard for Technical Survey of Buildings LBN 405-21. As a result of the technical survey, a technical survey opinion is prepared, which is handed over to the customer.

We provide:

  • surveying and evaluating the technical condition of buildings of all types of use;
  • construction documentation research;
  • performing the necessary measurements and tests;
  • development of damage and defect cartograms;
  • assessment of the technical condition of engineering networks and compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • preparation of a technical survey opinion in accordance with the requirements of building regulations;
  • providing recommendations for the elimination of deficiencies and ensuring the future operation of the facility;
  • we evaluate the level of automation of building engineering systems and their elements and the impact on the building's energy performance.

Expertise of the structural part of the construction project and the measure review is mandatory for construction projects of the third group of buildings in order to evaluate the compliance of the designed building with the requirements of mechanical strength and stability of the building, as well as fire protection and safety of use. Compulsorily expertized parts of the construction project:

The task of the construction project expertise is to evaluate the compliance of the technical solution of the construction project with the requirements of regulatory acts and technical regulations, the customer’s design assignment and building permit, as well as the requirements of the regulations issued by the relevant institutions. We provide experts certified by the State Control Office for Construction to carry out the expertise.

We provide expertise:

  • for the architectural part;
  • for the part of building structures;
  • for the review of fire safety measures, fire safety solutions of related parts of the construction project;
  • for engineering communication networks;
  • for the work organization project;
  • For part of construction costs and construction works.