Rebuilding and reconstruction of the Kermeri park.

Continuing the vision of Ķemeri development, the construction of the Kemeri Park rebuilding and restoration construction project was completed.

In the April of the year 2017 SIA "Livland Group" started to work at the construction project for the park in Kemeri.

Area of the park - 30ha

Ķemeri Park is a cultural and architectural monument of national significance(5341). When designing a proposal for improvement, special attention was paid to the park's cultural and historical value as well as the basic function of the park - possibilities of recreation for all generations. 
It is planned to save the composition of the park's historical planning (conception of the years 1933-1936), 
cultural and historical values and landscapes, their connection with the hotel and adjacent areas, creating a functional, harmonious and architecturally expressive environment, healthy and comfortable conditions for the full recreation of visitors.

During the design process, the design team of SIA Livland Group put forward a number of guidelines for the planning methodology of the park, which allows to preserve the park's cultural identity, spatial planning and functions.

The park has 4 areas: area of the parter, area for active use, area of forest park, and a forest.


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