Mežotne Church

This year Livland Group Ltd will complete the work of developing detail design of reconstruction and change of utilization for Mežotne Church house.
Mežotne Church was founded upon the order of duke Gothard on February 28, 1567, which commissioned the construction of 70 new churches in Zemgale and Kurzeme. The exact year of construction is not known, however various indications point to the second decade of the 17th century.  During the battles in 1915 the church building suffered in firing, the spire was destroyed and the interior ruined. The planned reconstruction of the church was impeded by the deportations of 1949, and in the ’60s the church became kolkhoz’s storehouse of mineral fertilizers.
According with the client’s intentions Mežotne Church house is to host permanent and rotating exhibitions, culture events and concerts.

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