We carry out architecture and engineer network detail designing and implementation. We value each and every cooperation with our clients while carrying out large and small projects. Our clients are state and municipal institutions, as well as companies and private persons.

  • We provide the development of all necessary sections of a construction plan;
  • development of sketch designs, simplified renovation projects, engineer networks and energy efficiency projects;
  • project management, drawing up an estimate and obtaining construction project approval;
  • following the project development and approval, we provide author supervision of all developed project sections.

We are proud of the latest projects developed and delivered:

  • Detail design project development for Ziedoņdārzs Park;
  • Detail design project development for Grīziņkalns Park;
  • Reconstruction construction plan development for Vilis Plūdonis Museum dwelling house and barn, Ceraukste municipality, Bauska region; 
  • Development of detail design of reconstruction and change of utilization for Mežotne Church house, Rundāle municipality, Rundāle region;
  • Development of sketch designs for open type laboratories, 1st and 2nd floor construction of Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre; 
  • And others.

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