Sewerage system reconstruction

In accordance with a commission of Zemgale planning region and in cooperation with Aizkraukle region local authority and Dobele region local authority, between September 15, 2015 and January 15, 2016 we developed a construction plan for an object in Aizkraukle, sewerage system reconstruction in the area of Gaismas – Bitēnu – Torņu Streets, and rainwater collection and drainage system for the territory adjacent to Lauku Street in Dobele.

CLIENT: Zemgale planning region

AREA: In Dobele - research of Lauku Street and its adjacent territory of 2500m in length. Planning of ditches (cleaning, excavation, strengthening of slopes - 1391m; planning of culverts – 300mm-26.0m in diameter; 500m-50m in diameter; deepening of fire-fighting

TIME OF REALIZATION: September 15, 2015 till January 15, 2016