Land surveying

We develop:

  • topographical surveying;
  • boundary plans;
  • surveying upon completion of construction works;
  • land survey projects.
  • Survey results are prepared in both digital and printout format.

Topographical plans are used as the basis of their work by designers, architects, territorial planners, tourists, researchers, rescue teams, historians and other professionals.

We provide an instrumental surveying of the borders of a holding and develop border, situation and encumbrance plans.

We provide building position surveying as well as utilities (gas-pipe, water-pipe, sewerage, electricity, communication cables, etc.) surveying upon completion. We also develop adjustment plans.

Our most recent projects:

  • Development of land survey Project – Grantiņi Streets (Mārupe), 62 Vidzemes Street (Salacgrīva)
  • Development of topographical plan for Ziedoņdārzs and Grīziņkalns (Riga), 10 Rencēnu Street (Riga), 4 Pulkas Street (Riga), Beberbeķi 2 (Babīte municipality), 19 Pildas Street (Riga). 
  • Surveying upon completion – Ziedoņdārzs and Grīziņkalns (Riga), „Mežvidi” (Kārsava), 2 Kandavas Street (Riga).

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