"Livland Group Ltd"

We create a product we believe in, an environment employees want to belong to and clients to return.

Our main fields of activity are development of various architecture and design projects, designing of engineer networks, development of territorial planning, development of land survey projects and various operations with real estate.

We value each and every cooperation with our clients while carrying out large and small projects. Our clients are state and municipal institutions, as well as companies and private persons.

Work of a united and professional team towards a common goal enables us to reach top results.

  • We are engineering company focused on designing, engineering, consultation, training, qualification and validation of pharmaceutical, API and biotechnology facilities mainly under GMP regulations. Our cooperation was focused on developing documentation for biotechnological production in field of HVAC, production and automation for storage of biological samples.


  • We learned about companies Livland Group and Smart energy thanks to our former employee Ance Fraatz. We met Rudīte and Renārs Krūgļauži in person in August 2015 when they first visited our company in Germany. We immediately found the new entrepreneur couple very pleasant. Company managers soon realized that the fields of business of Kafril, Livland Group and Smart energy complement one another very well, therefore we agreed to cooperate. Cooperation with Livland Group and Smart energy is simple and friendly with each partner complementing the other with their strengths and sharing their knowledge and experience readily. We are delighted about the further steps of our cooperation: our first joint large project!